Atheist inExperience

This is just going to be a short little angry rant at my favorite web show The Atheist Experience, as my experience the last couple of weeks have been that of an error page. Yes, I go to ustream to watch the show and it isn’t working. Apparently it works for some people but not all, I would really really like them to fix this problem as I love watching the show live and would like to call in every once in a while. If you are curious, there is a link in the collumn to the right, two actually, one to their blog and one to their web show. On the site you can watch older episodes and follow a link to the ustream, which, hopefully will work for you.

So…I guess I will do an atheist prayer that the guys at The Atheist Expericence fix their ustream soon. (and yes, part of the process in such a prayer is sending them an email)

As I finished this, I just received a video with some funny clips from the show, just thought this would be a good place to share that. Here you go.