General Update

The Trinity

This will be a bit of a quickie where I just throw three little thoughts out there.

  1. The Atheist Experience is (back)!
  2. Pro Lifers suck.
  3. Bots suck.
1: I did not email them after all, but left a comment on their blog about not being able to view the live stream in Sweden, I don’t know if they fixed it themselves, or if it was ustream or God, but the fact is, I was able to watch the show last night. Thank you, whoever fixed the problem.

2: Abortion was one of the main topics on last night’s episode and one thing that was not mentioned but is my pet peeve when it comes to pro-lifers is that they usually claim that the debate is about our right to murder human babies, completely ignoring the fact that most pro-choicers support abortion simply because we do not believe that an early fetus is a person. Late term abortions are another story but before a fetus has developed cognitive thought I do not consider it a person and as such it cannot be murdered, you cannot murder a person who does not exist. When they start talking about “possible life” we get into a very tricky discussion, are we to protect conceptual people? Someone who might have been if things had worked out differently? That would kind of mean that you would be guilty of abortion every time you turned down an offer for sex, or even met a member of the opposite gender and did not do everything in your power in order to score. So Pro Lifers, before we can have a discussion about abortion, you need to get the topic straight, we do not support murder because we do not believe a person exists until it is thinking.

3: Bots have started spamming my comments section, there have only been 2 offences so far, but if it continues I may have to implement a bot-blocker, sorry to anyone who dislikes these things, but spam-bots really do annoy me.